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Salt Free Seasonings

Are you on a no salt diet or just striving to eat healthier by eliminating as much salt from your diet as possible?

Use Salt Free Seasonings to add delicious flavor to your food without adding unwanted salt or potassium. And contrary to what you might believe, properly prepared low salt diet meals do not have to be flavorless and bland. In fact, you'll discover that a good low salt diet is not only healthier for your heart but can also be some of the best food you've ever tasted.

Some of our most popular salt free seasonings are not only stuffed full of subtle tastes but they also bring out the full flavor of food -- Salt Free Cajun Seasoning, Flippin' the Bird, Shawarma, Pennsylvania Pepper and Tempero Baiano just to name a few.

As you learn more about low salt cooking you have probably already discovered just how frustrating and difficult grocery shopping and meal preparation can be. When your doctor told you that you needed to reduce or eliminate any extra salt from your diet your first thought was probably that all you had to do was to remove the salt shaker from the kitchen table! Well you quickly discovered that salt is actually called sodium and that made the trip to the grocery store and the additional prep time in the kitchen a real pain in the butt!

Well we're here to help – we offer a wide variety of no salt seasonings that give you three big benefits:

  • They'll save you time in the kitchen
  • They're affordable
  • They'll add mouthwatering flavor to your food

According to the Cleveland Clinic in order for a meal to be considered "low sodium" it should not exceed 140 mg of sodium. We know how hard it is to come up with meal ideas sometimes so we have a growing library of low sodium recipes that you can add to your low salt meal preparation repertoire. Seasonings and spices are the heart and soul of any cooking enthusiasts arsenal and we carefully hand blend our no salt seasonings to give you great taste and a growing selection of flavors.

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New Salt Free Products

Organic Adobo Seasoning

Organic Adobo Seasoning

Starting at: $4.40

Honey Mustard Powder

Honey Mustard Powder

Starting at: $4.76

Vegetable Stock Powder

Vegetable Stock Powder

Starting at: $3.50

Mojito Lime Seasoning

Mojito Lime Seasoning

Starting at: $4.26

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