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Most Popular Bulk Products

Spices are our lives. No, really. We are constantly surrounded by spices and some of us even dream about them. It’s undeniable how strongly we smell after a long day of work, in a good way of course! Our love of spices translates to you, our customers, through our customer services and ever-growing selection of high-quality products.

Every customer is different and has different needs in terms of how much product they require. We offer a variety of sizes for all different kinds of customers, from a retail consumer to those of you who may be searching for bulk product. That means you, a bulk product consumer, will find we have a size to suit your needs. Depending on the product, we have everything from a one-ounce bag to a 50-pound box with sizes in between available for purchase.

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What Are Our Most Popular Bulk Products and How Are They Used?

Our selection of herbs, spices, seasonings, and chiles is comprised of hundreds of products, both conventional and organic. Listed below are some of our most popular products categorized for easier browsing, with a description of how some of our customers use them to potentially spark some ideas for yourself!

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  1. Organic Ground Vietnamese Cinnamon – purchased by customers who are bakers, brewers, chocolatiers, and gourmet granola makers.

  2. Organic California Onion Powder – extremely popular with plant based and Mexican restaurants.

  3. Organic California Paprika – customers of ours who work on farms feed their chickens paprika to tint the yolks of the eggs a more vibrant yellow. We also have bakers, tea shops, and seasoning shops as buyers of our bulk California Paprika.

  4. Indian Coriander Seed – a bulk product that customers search for when they are bakers or brewers. This spice is popular with Indian food restaurants as well.

  5. California Granulated Garlic – this product is used everywhere from restaurants to catering services to specialty sqhops. Of our customers who take advantage of our private labeling service, this is one that is a frequent choice.

  6. Yellow Mustard Seed – meat markets, jerky makers, gastro pubs, and barbecue style restaurants alike enjoy our bulk yellow mustard seed.

  7. Smoked Sweet Paprika – we have had customers from bakeries, breweries, olive oil shops, Mexican restaurants, and specialty spice stores purchase our smoked sweet paprika in bulk.

  8. Florida Orange Peel – breweries love this for seasonal brews, bakeries love this for tart pastries, and tea shops love it for tea blends.

  9. Ground Black Pepper Medium Grind – cafes, delis, American style restaurants, fish shops, specialty stores, tea shops, and breweries are all customers of ours who order Ground Black Pepper Medium Grind in bulk.

  10. Turmeric Powder – a universal beacon of health, our turmeric is purchased by artisan manufacturers, by students of ayurvedic medicine, by bakeries and health food stores.

  11. Ground Cumin – Mexican restaurants, delis, sauce manufacturers, and tea shops are all extremely fond of ground cumin.


  1. Organic Tuscany Bread Dipping Seasoning – popular with our olive oil shop clientele, but also popular with Italian restaurants and tea shops.

  2. Smoky Molasses Rub – this extremely popular blend is used by caterers, olive oil shops, specialty food shops, tea shops, and seasoning shops. It is an ingredient for sauce makers and is especially popular with condiment makers who have a barbecue sauce specialty.

  3. Ranch Dressing Seasoning – a seasoning that works for everyone from cheese makers to gourmet popcorn shops, this blend has also found its way into restaurants, specialty food markets, and gourmet pretzel recipes.

  4. Brewpub Garlic Fries Seasoning – some customers use this in their American style restaurants and others use it in the manufacturing of dips. This is another blend that finds popularity in olive oil shops.

  5. Austin Steak Rub – caterers, online shops, specialty food stores, and barbecue restaurants all love to buy our Austin Steak Rub in larger quantities!

  6. Applewood Chipotle Rub – this is popular with tea shops, gourmet markets, and olive oil shop customers.

  7. Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning – barbecue spots, tea shops, and popcorn makers alike love to buy this blend in bulk.

  8. Honey Chipotle Rub – some customers who purchase this blend use it at their Indian restaurants, Southwestern restaurants, or in specialty food shops.

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  1. Mediterranean Oregano – our bulk Mediterranean Oregano has cropped up in gourmet salsas, in sauces, in Italian restaurants, in pizzerias, at cafes, in coffee shops, and even in delis.


  1. Urfa Biber – a frequent choice for owners of delis, small grocery stores, Mexican restaurants, and spice companies alike.

  2. Chipotle Meco Chile Powder – gourmet popcorn makers, salsa manufacturers, and olive oil shops might just have one thing in common between them- their love of purchasing this chile powder in bulk!

  3. Pequin Chiles – breweries and American style restaurants frequently buy our pequin chiles in bulk.

  4. Ancho Chile Powder – a popular choice chile powder for caterers, hot sauce manufacturers, Mexican restaurants, barbecue themed restaurants, and tea shops.

  5. Cayenne Chile Powder (30,000 SHU) – this chile powder is very popular with bakeries, breweries, restaurants, and tea shops.

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Salt and Sugar

  1. Coarse Sea Salt – this is a popular ingredient with our food truck customers, restaurants, breweries, and sauce makers.

  2. Curing Salt (Prague Powder #1) – barbecue restaurants, gastro pubs, and breweries are some of the most common customers of this product in bulk.

  3. Demerara Sugar – this sugar is popular with distilleries, edible marijuana products manufacturers, breweries, coffee shops, and condiment makers.

How Can You Order Bulk Spices from Us?

Our bulk spices aren’t limited to those listed on this page. Check out our inventory and see what will fit your specific needs. Found what you’re looking for and excited to order from us? Just curious about what other services we offer? Either check out our Bulk Wholesale page or Call us at 1-888-762-8642. Whomever answers the phone will be equipped to help you place a bulk order or answer the questions you may have.

We provide top notch customer service, so we are positive you will have a good experience when purchasing from us. We have some of the highest quality products available, meaning your customers will repeatedly come back for more. Our incredibly quick turnaround times will leave you with some of the fastest service you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

What About Private Labeling or Custom Blending?

If you are interested in private labeling our products for your own business, our Private Label page and then give us a call at 1-888-762-8624. The same goes for any Custom Blending inquiries!

We look forward to hearing from you about our bulk options.


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