This Job is NOT for Most People

Unless you're looking for a real ground floor opportunity.



Spices, Inc. is one of the fastest growing companies in Central PA and we’re always on the lookout for the cream of the crop to join our team whether we have an immediate opening or not.

In our opinion, truly great companies survive and thrive because of a focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience. There are lots of companies that love to talk about what great customer service they give, but do they really walk the talk?

What makes Spices, Inc. different?

We owe our tremendous growth to our staff and their relentless commitment to wowing our customers at each and every contact point (we've identified more than 15).

Providing extraordinary customer service isn’t really complicated but it also isn’t easy or else it wouldn’t be so rare. It takes paying almost fanatical attention to the smallest details and striving to get every single one of the more than 15 customer contact points exactly perfect – Every. Single. Time.

How do we achieve exceptional levels of service? We’re very particular about who we hire, we focus heavily on cross training and we don’t turn over staff. We promote from within whenever possible and everybody starts at the same place – on the fill line. This philosophy allows us to seamlessly shift to “all hands on deck” when needed to ensure that our customers are taken care of whenever an unexpected "crunch time" hits.

We believe that great companies have a philosophy of always learning, implementing change and continuously improving. Our changes are driven by repeatedly tapping into the brain power of those that do the job everyday to fuel our systemic improvements. While we work hard we are always trying to work smarter.

Raises are not based on some artificial pre-determined length of employment but instead are earned as new skills and proficiencies are acquired in our operation. If you’re not getting multiple raises in the first several years with us then you won't be here (people that fall into this category won't be good fits for our company). We also have monthly profit distribution so that all of our team members have some “skin in the game” and get to share in the rewards of our continued improvement and profitably growth.


Who are We Looking For?

Because of our substantial growth, low turnover and very strong staff, we can afford to be very selective in hiring. Our perfect new hire is:

  • Highly intelligent (college degree preferred).
  • Looking for something more than just a job?
  • Has working hard built into their DNA?


Before we even consider interviewing potential candidates face-to-face they have to pass this first test. Only potential team members that can answer these three questions, with well thought out answers (one or two line responses just won’t cut it), will be considered for the next step in the interview process.

  1. What's the best customer service experience you've ever received? 

  2. What was the best company you ever worked for and why?

  3. Tell us a little bit about your passion. It should not be work related and should be something that you love to do and that you’re constantly trying to get better at (a couple of paragraphs minimum).


Do you have what it takes to create an 'over the top' experience for our customers ?

Then we want to talk to you.

Send us an email with the answers to the above questions.

Current Employment Openings

  1. IT/ Database Analyst
  2. Content Development (journalist)
  3. Accounts Payable/Receivable
  4. Direct Customer Care Specialist (phones and emails)
  5. Indirect Customer Care Specialist (production)