Who is Jeff?

Plenty of people have been inquiring, and so we decided we would give an answer to the question, "who is Jeff?" We thought an interview would be the best way to get a little information on this man made famous through our recipe content, so lets get right to it!

  1. When did you start working for Spices, Inc.? What do you do?
    • I started in October 2016. I started filling, then trained grinding, then blending, and finally shipping. We started the test kitchen in December 2017.

    The test kitchen is where Jeff currently works and comes up with many of our recipes. He cooks an employee lunch for everyone here twice a month, and he has lots of freedoms to experiment and explore with many of the spices and seasonings we have on hand. Jeff is part of the creative team that makes the food, takes the pictures, and then helps eat it when the photography shooting is done for the day.

  2. What is your favorite part of your job?
    • My favorite part is the food styling photography aspect. I feel its the most artistic aspect.
  3. What got you into cooking? Whats your favorite spice?
    • I always had an affinity for cooking shows at a very young age. I started helping my mom in the kitchen around age nine. I love to eat! Favorite spice? Chiles! Chile powder! Chile flakes! I love heat.
  4. Whats your favorite food and why?
    • I adore Mexican cuisine. I love chiles. American food bores me. I admire Mexican cuisine because of its originality.
  5. You also do music, what got you into that?
    • Music is in my DNA. My weekends as a child were spent at my grandparents, who would have "jam" sessions. I started playing at age eleven. I started professionally at 21 and havent looked back. (He says this with a laugh.)
  6. Is there anything you want to say about yourself? Some interesting facts?
    • I am a published writer. I am a published artist as well. I have released a self-produced, engineered, and self-written album with the band. I have a culinary arts degree. I am also a hobbyist photographer.
  7. Did you ever think youd have a job that combines so many artistic mediums?
    • No, thats why this is the coolest job ever.

Jeff has some nicknames in the kitchen. When he is cooking Hispanic food of any type, he goes by el Jefe or el capitano. If hes cooking Italian food, its Jefrado. If he is cooking Greek food, its Jeffocratis. Because of his ties in music, Jeff also usually has a song for everything he is cooking, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner themed. Who knew there were so many food related songs?

So, who is Jeff? He is an incredibly talented person, an amazing chef, and just a really cool person over all. Now that you have been lucky enough to learn a little about him, go through and explore some of the recipes that Jeff has been putting out! Theres something here for everyone.


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