Sweet Heat

Sweet Heat

American culinary trends for the last couple of years has been moving towards more heat with a delightful balance of sweetness at the same time. This 4 jar spice set combines four of our most popular "sweet and heat" and will be an instant hit for those who covet spicy heat but without burning their face off.

Your four selections:

Honey Chipotle Rub - One of our best selling rubs, it packs a deliciously big dose of sweetness with just enough kick! We've used this on pulled pork and fish but where it really shines is on grilled chicken.

Kickin' Chicken - This is a delightful sweet chicken rub that packs just enough heat (but not too much) and all of the ingredients are finely ground and perfectly hand blended. The reason this is important is to eliminate any flavor explosions.

Habanero Mango Chicken Rub - For this smokin’ hot blend I wanted a bit of Caribbean style so I added  some dried mango (mango when dried is called Amchur). The dried mango gives a bit of tartness to the flavor profile which I just loved. I also used my go to chile - Ancho as a base and the mild fruity flavor of this chile paired well with the dried mango. The subtle earthiness of the ancho also balances well with the heat and fruitiness of the habanero. This blend is more heat than sweet.

Buffalo Wing Rub - We have had numerous requests for a quick and easy buffalo wing recipe and have tested this one thoroughly in our kitchen. As we prefer healthier eating habits we like to bake our wings in the oven instead of deep frying them and this one is perfect for this style of cooking. This Buffalo style dry rub has a nice balance of sweet from the brown sugar with some subtle nuanced heat from the chili powder, smoked paprika and habanero.
  • Message:
  • 100393 001 Honey Chipotle Rub 1/2 Cup Jar (3.5 oz net wt)
  • 100398 001 Kickin' Chicken 1/2 Cup Jar (3.3 oz net wt)
  • 100657 001 Habanero Mango 1/2 Cup Jar (2.5 oz net wt)
  • 100336 001 Buffalo Wing Rub 1/2 Cup Jar (3 oz net wt)

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