New Cook Starter Set

New Cook Starter Set

This spice set was created for all those new cooks who often feel a bit overwhelmed in getting started in the kitchen. This spice set is loaded with the most common spices needed for those who prefer cooking low fat, high fiber, whole foods for their families while striving to limit sugar and avoid processed flours while including as many fruits and veggies as possible.

This is an ideal start set for those that are ready to take that first big step and these spices and herbs were chosen as they are used frequently in some of our favorite healthy recipes.

Your 10 selections:

Granulated Garlic - Granulated garlic is the one that is called for in most recipes and it can be substituted for fresh garlic in recipes where the flavor of garlic is called for but not necessarily the texture. For conversions use one teaspoon of garlic granules in place of each fresh clove.

Granulated Onion - Perfect when you are looking for desirable onion flavor, but you don't need the texture. Also ideal to use when you're pressed for time, as the flavor is so good nobody but you will know the difference. Onion granules are also easier to measure than Onion Flakes, and they don't cake like Onion Powder.

Sweet Basil - Wildly popular in both American and Italian kitchens, basil is most often used in tomato-based sauces, dressings and juices. Basil works well in combination with oregano for pizza or spaghetti sauce, and also partners well with other seasonings, most specifically garlic, lemon and thyme.

Mediterranean Oregano - Oregano is a robust herb that is strongly aromatic and complex. In Italian and Mediterranean cuisine oregano is a key ingredient that when partnered with Basil makes the two an unbeatable combination in pasta sauces, roasted vegetables and most definitely with pizza.

Dried Parsley - This is one herb that many Western cooks find irreplaceable, and is one of those herbs that really brings out the flavor of other seasonings and it works particularly well in combination with basil, chili, oregano, pepper, rosemary, sumac and tarragon. Parsley leaves add beautiful green color with a vegetable aroma and taste to just about any dish and is especially good with fish, egg, lemon, tomato and grain dishes.

Smoked Bourbon Barrel Pepper - We found this artisan supplier in the bluegrass state of Kentucky who cold smokes cracked black peppercorns from the wood of aged Kentucky bourbon barrels. The result is a robust, intoxicating aroma with wonderful hints of smoke and oaky flavor in addition to the gentle heat that black pepper provides. We've found ourselves using this zesty smoked cracked black pepper just about everywhere we love pepper - burritos, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, eggs, mac and cheese, pepper steak, salads, tacos, tostados, and quesadillas.

Hill Country Chili Powder - Our most popular Chili Powder blend was inspired by the beautiful hilly area around Austin, Texas. And true to its Tex-Mex roots this chili powder has a flavor that is deep, complicated and loaded with spicy peppery heat without being overly hot. This one has quickly become our best selling chili powder.

Ground Cumin - Cumin has a long history and is believed to have been used in Egypt almost 4,000 years ago. A very popular spice in countries that enjoy spicier foods Ground Cumin is a key element in dishes ranging from Tex-Mex chili, curry powders, masalas, mouth-watering spice mixes as well as vegetable and meat stews.

Saigon Cinnamon Powder - Cinnamon is probably the world's most popular baking spice and its familiar aroma and taste is instantly recognizable. The cinnamon oil content of our Vietnamese Cinnamon Powder is very high at 5% which makes the flavor outstanding and leads many cinnamon aficionados to call this particular variety the best you can get.

Nutmeg Powder - Europeans use Nutmeg in potato dishes, sauces, baked goods and processed meats. Try it as a secret ingredient in soups (especially split pea and tomato soups), and with seafood chowders, cheese dishes, lamb, milk dishes, pumpkin pie, eggs and sweet potatoes. And of course don't forget to sprinkle it on your eggnog as this is always a classic.
  • Message:
  • 100102 001 Granulated Garlic 1/2 Cup Jar (2.8 oz net wt)
  • 100149 001 Onion Granules 1/2 Cup Jar (3 oz net wt)
  • 100152 001 Basil 1/2 Cup Jar (0.9 oz net wt)
  • 100145 001 Mediterranean Oregano 1/2 Cup Jar (0.6 oz net wt)
  • 100227 001 Parsley 1/2 Cup Jar (0.6 oz net wt)
  • 100603 001 Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pepper (Cracked) 1/2 Cup Jar (2.4 oz net wt)
  • 100253 001 Hill Country Chili Powder 1/2 Cup Jar (2.5 oz net wt)
  • 100104 001 Ground Cumin 1/2 Cup Jar (2.5 oz net wt)
  • 100256 001 Saigon Cinnamon Powder 1/2 Cup Jar (2.4 oz net wt)
  • 100136 001 Nutmeg Powder 1/2 Cup Jar (2.7 oz net wt)

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