BBQ Grill Lovers Spice Set

The perfect spice set for the backyard griller in your life. Our BBQ Grill Lovers Set makes an ideal starter pack as a housewarming gift, a great gift for Dad or even as just a starter set for you. We have carefully hand selected these so that you are covered whether you are cooking pork or beef ribs, chicken, your favorite cut of steak or a mouthwatering burger.

Your four selections:

Flippin’ The Bird This chicken seasoning blend has an almost magical touch that only dried herbs can give to chicken but it also has a wonderful balance of some subtle sweetness from the granulated honey. This chicken seasoning is great in the oven but is something special when used on the grill.  

Austin Steakhouse Rub Steak Rubs are different than steak seasonings as rubs are used to add both flavor and surface texture to steaks. A good steak rub will be coarser than a steak seasoning and will be more liberally applied. We like to first brush the steak with vegetable or olive oil before using our Austin Steak Rub. Use 2 tablespoons of our Austin Steak Rub for each pound of steak.

Smoky Molasses Rub – A noticeable yet somewhat mysterious sweetness followed by a smooth earthiness from the garlic and onion. Then you’ll pick up a bit of heat that hits the back of your throat with some lingering citrus notes. As a rule of thumb you should use about 1 tablespoon of dry rub per pound of chicken or pork.

Burger Blast – This was our first burger seasoning and was developed for us by one of our favorite Competition Barbecuers who happens to love a good burger too! We like to sprinkle this on the burgers and then gently pat it into the meat about an hour before grilling. We also like to add more of this during the cooking process to layer in the flavor.
  • Message:
  • 100621 001 Flippin' the Bird 1/2 Cup Jar (2.2 oz net wt)
  • 100757 001 Austin Steakhouse Rub 1/2 Cup Jar (2.7 oz net wt)
  • 101008 001 Smoky Molasses Rub 1/2 Cup Jar (3.2 oz net wt)
  • 100408 001 Burger Blast 1/2 Cup Jar (3.1 oz net wt)

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