Bring North African Flavors to Your Kitchen

Bring North African Flavors to Your Kitchen

These authentic North African spice blends can be used as spice rubs on fish or meat before cooking, added to soups and stews or sprinkled on roasted root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, squash, parsnips and turnips. We even have a food truck owner as a customer who uses some of these on their popcorn. We love them on nuts or chick peas before roasting in the oven.

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Berbere - From the horn of Africa comes the delightful seasoning blend known as Berbere which is considered the culinary foundation of the Ethiopian cuisine.The prominent spices in Berbere are centered around the heat of pepper – cayenne, paprika, chili flakes and black pepper (in some variation).  While it does pack some spiciness it is more flavorful than crazy hot.

Harissa – A staple ingredient in North African cuisine, particularly in Algeria, Libiya and Tunisia, Harissa has also been steadily gaining in popularity in other Arab countries – most notably Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. In these North African regions it is used as a table condiment much like we would use ketchup, salsa or Tabasco. We prefer to start with this spice blend and add a dash or two of hot water to create a paste then mix in some top grade olive oil to create your own delicious Harissa “sauce”.

Moroccan Vegetable Rub - When you are looking for something a bit different for your vegetables our Moroccan inspired Vegetable Rub is the perfect treat. This vegetable seasoning will quickly become a hit with friends and family alike as Morocco spices will provide an exotic flare to corn on the cob, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, squash and zucchini.

Ras el Hanout - The literal translation for Ras El Hanout is “top of the shop” and this Moroccan style curry with a kick is like all curries in that it can be made with a wide variety of ingredients depending on the cook. Some home chefs refer to this as Moroccan Seasoning.

  • Message:
  • 100267 001 Berbere 1/2 Cup Jar (2.7 oz net wt)
  • 100479 001 Harissa 1/2 Cup Jar (2.6 oz net wt)
  • 100335 001 Moroccan Vegetable Rub 1/2 Cup Jar (2.9 oz net wt)
  • 100266 001 Ras El Hanout 1/2 Cup Jar (2.6 oz net wt)

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