Mild Heat Chile Sampler

Mild Heat Chile Sampler

This is a great sampler set for those that love the spicy flavor of Mexican and Southwestern cuisine but are not necessarily fans of intense heat that many chiles provide. These chiles are great for Chilie Colorado (New Mexico red sauce) and for Mexican moles.

Ancho - The most commonly used dried chile in Mexico, the Ancho Chile is actually a dried Poblano pepper. Ancho peppers are a deep, reddish brown to black in color and the texture is wrinkled. They have a mild fruity flavor with undertones of plum, raisin, tobacco and a slight earthy bitterness. There are approximately 2 Ancho chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 4 oz.

Guajillo - Pronounced “wha – hee – oh” Guajillo chiles are native to central and northern Mexico and are the second most popular chile in Mexico surpassed only by the Ancho. Guajillos are most often used in authentic Mexican cuisine and in this country they’re popular in regional Southwestern cuisine throughout Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. There are approximately 5 Guajillo Chiles per oz. You’ll receive 4 oz.

New Mexico - Native to Central Mexico these New Mexico chiles are grown in and around the town of Hatch located in the center of the Rio Grande agricultural territory. New Mexico Chile possess an earthy, sweet flavor with hints of acidity, weediness and dried cherry undertones. The heat is often described as crisp and clear. These chiles are used to make the famous red sauce of New Mexico called Chile Colorado. There are approximately 5 chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 4 oz.

Pasilla Negro - The Pasilla Negro is the dried version of the Chilaca Chiles which are dark green chiles that feature a similar heat profile to the more popular Poblano pepper. This thin fleshed chile has one of the more sophisticated chile flavors and is a favorite of chile heads. The taste is pungent and tangy but with a long lasting deep rich flavor with woodsy undertones. In addition to Mexican moles, Pasilla Chiles are used in adobo sauces and salsas. In central Mexico they are used as the signature flavor in tortilla soup. There are approximately 3 dried Pasilla Negro Chiles per oz. You’ll receive 4 oz.

  • Message:
  • 100232 001 Ancho Chiles 4 oz net wt
  • 100340 001 Guajillo Chiles 4 oz net wt
  • 100331 001 New Mexico Chiles 4 oz net wt
  • 100252 001 Pasilla Negro Chilies 4 oz net wt

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