Medium Heat Chile Sampler

Medium Heat Chile Sampler

Love the flavor of chiles more than the heat? This Chile Sampler set is full of flavor while proving just the right amount of heat. These are also not your run of the mill chiles and will certainly be appreciated by true chile heads.

Your four selections:

Chipotle “ Moritas” – Traditionally Chipotle chiles are most commonly used to flavor salsas, stews and soups. Moritas are excellent when used to season beef, chicken and pork chops. This chile is dark brown to black colored, wrinkled and has a smoky, somewhat sweet chocolaty aroma and flavor. There are approximately 9 chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 4 oz.

Puya - Pronounced "POO-yuh". Puya chiles look very similar to the more popular Guajillo but Puyas tend to be a bit smaller and pack more heat. The Puya Chile is a popular chile in central Mexican cuisine and we like to use these as a substitute for Guajillo chiles in our Mexican mole sauces for some added kick. They are approximately 15-18 chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 4 oz.

Serrano - A Mexican Chile, the Serrano Chile Pepper when dried is known as Chile Seco. The Serrano is most commonly used in salsas and authentic Mexican sauces. These are sometimes used as a substitute for the more popular Chipotle Chile and with a more robust flavor profile we like to use it in recipes that call cayenne chiles. There are approximately 11 chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 4 oz.

Ancho - The most commonly used dried chile in Mexico, the Ancho Chile is actually a dried Poblano pepper. Ancho peppers are a deep, reddish brown to black in color and the texture is wrinkled. They have a mild fruity flavor with undertones of plum, raisin, tobacco and a slight earthy bitterness. There are approximately 2 Ancho chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 4 oz.

  • Message:
  • 100169 001 Chipotle "Morita" Chiles 4 oz net wt
  • 100641 001 Puya Chiles 4 oz net wt
  • 100677 001 Smoked Serrano Chiles 4 oz net wt
  • 100232 001 Ancho Chiles 4 oz net wt

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