Hot Heat Chile Sampler

Hot Heat Chile Sampler

Got a chile head lover in your life? This is the perfect mix of hot chiles that’s sure to please those that not only like some serious burn and variety but crave it as well. These chiles were hand selected with the heat seekers in mind.

Your four selections are:

Habanero – These are some of the hottest chile peppers and rate around 200,000 - 300,000 Scoville Units. While these have that burn your face off heat they also have a bit of a fruity taste to them. Habaneros are ideal in homemade salsas, wings and barbeque sauce. There are approximately 30 chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 2 oz.

Bird’s Eye - The Birds Eye Chile is believed by many to be the hottest chile that’s not a member of the legendary C. Chinense species and will come in at 100,000-225,000 on the Scoville Heat scale. Due to these potent heat levels most of these Bird’s Eye chiles are harvested and processed for commercial use as a pepper extract.  There are approximately 350 chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 2 oz

Tien Tsin - A member of the species Capsicum annuum these have long considered an “exotic” chile, Tien Tsin chiles are most popular in Asian cooking and especially in the Hunan or Szechwan styles. In this country we are most familiar with these as the bright red peppers in Kung Pao Chicken. If you have a recipe calling for Chinese Red Peppers these are the chiles they are calling for. There are approximately 55 chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 2 oz.

Aji Amarillo - If you've ever had Peruvian food, there's a good chance you've this under appreciated chile. The Aji Amarillo is considered part of the holy trinity of Peruvian cuisine along with garlic and red onion. Aji Amarillos are sometimes compared to the Scotch Bonnet but with a bit less fire. This thick skinned, bright orange chile has a raisiny aroma and offers a lot of fruitiness for its heat. There are approximately 4-5 chiles per ounce. You’ll receive 4 oz.

  • Message:
  • 100250 001 Birdseye Chiles 2 oz net wt
  • 100235 001 Habanero Chiles 2 oz net wt
  • 100632 001 Tien Tsin Chiles 2 oz net wt
  • 100387 001 Amarillo Aji Chiles 4 oz net wt

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