Mexico is a very diverse region as well as a culinary powerhouse. There are seven distinct regions in this country and each has their own regional specialties that they're best known for. Guadalajara is located in North Pacific Coast area and the cuisine there is famous for dishes such as birria (a meat stew) and pozole . Located in the South Pacific Coast region is Oaxaca, which American gastronomes of authentic Mexican fare can quickly recite the region's seven different types of moles (Negro, Rojo, Coloradito, Amarillo, Verde, Chichilo and Manchamantel). The Yucatan peninsula's cuisine is steeped in the tradition of the ancient Mayans with strong influences from the Caribbean islands. Here you'll find bold recados (pastes made with chiles, herbs and spices), this area also makes liberal use of achiote, honey and tropical fruits including tamarind. Mexico City is naturally considered the country's melting pot as foods from the various regions are popular here in both restaurants as well as street food including barbacoa, carnitas, moles, tacos and tortas.

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