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Mediterranean Spices

Most of us are at the very least acquainted with Mediterranean food and are familiar with terms like “Mediterranean diet”, but “Mediterranean” means more than most people realize. Actual Mediterranean cuisine encompasses the entire Mediterranean basin. Its western coast is formed by the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, then it travels across northern Africa and southern Europe, and reaches its eastern shores at Lebanon and Israel. It includes the countries of Spain, Italy, and Greece—what is commonly thought of as “Mediterranean”—and Egypt, Turkey and Syria, among many others.

The Mediterranean was a major route for the ancient spice trade; the city of Aleppo, in northern Syria, was a center for trade as far back as the third millennium BC. These sun-drenched lands have seen all manner of fragrant, flavor-packed spices pass through, and as time and familiarity will do, the countries involved have incorporated these thousands of years of spices into the cultures that surround the Mediterranean. Our individual ingredients and the seasoning blends we create embody the wide range of culinary influences across this region.


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