Bring the Holidays Home

Thanksgiving is a holiday that happens at the perfect time of the year. The cold has settled in just enough to pull on your thermals and linger on the couch, cozied up with a thick blanket for just a few more moments than you should. With this holiday comes food, friends and family. There is nothing like a full belly to make people appreciate all that they have.

When your family comes knocking, hands wrapped up in gloves, carrying dishes of roasted green beans and mushrooms or buttermilk cornbread, make sure you have some herb roasted potatoes to compliment them. When your friends bombard you with “Friendsgiving” invitations and you finally choose which one to attend, whip up some pumpkin pie pudding to take with you. If the snow comes down too quickly and you end up trapped at home with a cat that has the tendency to press his tiny paws into everything you are trying to cook, cinnamon apple cranberry sauce just might be the sweet little treat you deserve. These recipes and more can be found just below. Peruse this page for products to perfectly compliment your dinner, for food ideas if you’ve run out of thoughts about what to make for sides or desserts, and for some great blogs about how to make the best turkey possible. 

Whoever you spend your holiday with, we here at Spices, Inc. wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.