African Spices and Seasonings

If we think of all the emerging food trends that have taken America by storm in the last sixty years they all stemmed from immigrants coming to America in increasing numbers. After WW II pizza and Italian were all the rage. After the Vietnam war ended in the mid-70's we saw the rise of Vietnamese and Thai food. The 80's and 90's brought us Mexican and it's hybrid Tex-Mex. Well African is poised to carve out its own niche. The world's second largest continent has a wide range of dishes and flavors to titillate your taste buds and here you'll find a huge selection of some of the most commonly used spices and chiles to create some of these authentic dishes at home.

First time trying to create a dish from that part of the world? We'll help you out there as well as we've got numerous recipes from the various regions that are sure to spark some interest for the adventurous cook who loves to experiment in the kitchen. Some of our favorite African recipes that we've re-created in our test kitchen have included African Vegetable Stew, Spicy Berbere Lentil Stew and Chicken Tagine.

And if you're looking for even more of a deep dive into the foods, flavors and seasonings of Africa.
Price: $4.31
Price: $3.35
Birdseye Chile Powder
Price: $5.73
Chermoula Seasoning
Price: $4.02
Price: $6.73
Dried Birdseye Chiles
Price: $12.35
Dried Cilantro
Price: $3.32
Dried Shallots
Price: $5.69
Dried Spearmint Leaves
Price: $4.50
Garlic Salt
Price: $4.92
Ginger Powder
Price: $4.75
Grains of Paradise
Price: $4.51
Ground Cumin
Price: $2.03
Harissa Spice
Price: $8.32
Long Pepper
Price: $7.67
Minced Onion
Price: $2.74
Regular Price: $9.73
On Sale For: $7.09
Moroccan Vegetable Rub
Regular Price: $3.20
On Sale For: $2.59
Onion Granules
Price: $3.80
Onion Powder
Price: $4.04
Organic Ajwain Seeds
Price: $2.43
Organic Bay Leaves
Price: $6.85
Organic Garlic Powder - 1 lb
Regular Price: $23.15
On Sale For: $10.47
Organic Granulated Garlic - 1 lb
Regular Price: $12.00
On Sale For: $9.72
Organic Ground Ajwain
Price: $2.43
Organic Ground Cloves
Price: $19.27
Organic Ground Nutmeg
Price: $11.75
Organic Marjoram
Price: $3.19
Organic Minced Garlic - 1 lb
Regular Price: $22.52
On Sale For: $14.32
Organic Minced Onion
Price: $6.80
Piri Piri Seasoning
Price: $5.88
Ras El Hanout
Price: $6.26
Roasted Garlic Flakes
Price: $2.30
Roasted Minced Onion
Price: $4.25
Price: $8.98
Regular Price: $3.73
On Sale For: $3.02
Toasted Onion Powder
Price: $5.96
Tunisian Five Spice
Regular Price: $10.02
On Sale For: $4.32
White Sesame Seeds
Price: $4.04

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