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Sausage Spices

The root of the word “sausage” comes from the Latin, salsicus, translated as “seasoned with salt”, and 3,000 years later, salt is still important to the production of sausage. But salt alone does not a sausage make.

The impetus behind sausage was two-fold; it’s a way to preserve food and to use all the edible scraps from an animal. The meats and spices that go into a sausage traditionally reflect regional preferences and vary from country to country, city to city, or town to town. When you make your own sausage, consider what meat you want to work with—most sausage in the US uses pork, but you can use whatever you like—and which spices go with what meat, and create your own signature flavor. Or try one of our pre-mixed seasoning blends for a classic approach to sausage seasonings.


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