In the last ten to fifteen years the American pallate has become so much more sophisticated to world wide flavors. We've slowly evolved from the Americanized versions of tacos and burritos that we're served by the various fast food and casual restaurant chains to seeking true authentic cuisine from all seven of the diverse culinary regions of Mexico.

Sometimes these dishes will pack a lot of heat and other times the heat is much more nuanced. Either way you'll find quite a selection of spices and chiles to make your own dishes from scratch or you can also skip the additional steps and use one of our already mixed hand blended seasonings. And if you're seeking some inspiration we also have a huge collection of regional Mexican recipes that we've made in our own test kitchen.
Adobo Seasoning
Price: $3.04
Ancho Chile Powder
Price: $4.28
Ancho Chiles
Price: $5.54
Anise Seed
Price: $4.99
Annatto Seed
Price: $3.56
Barbacoa Rub
Price: $3.86
Chipotle Morita Chiles
Price: $8.32
Chipotle Morita Flakes
Price: $7.13
Coriander Seed
Price: $2.02
Coriander Seed Powder
Price: $1.20
Costeno Rojo Chiles
Price: $5.98
Crushed Habanero Flakes
Price: $10.19
Cumin Seed
Price: $2.03
De Arbol Chile Powder
Price: $4.99
De Arbol Chiles
Price: $10.20
Dried Cilantro
Price: $3.32
Dried Habanero Chiles
Price: $6.92
Dried Poblano Powder
Price: $7.22
Dried Spearmint Leaves
Price: $4.50
Enchilada Seasoning
Price: $3.56
Ground Annatto
Price: $6.65
Ground Cloves
Price: $5.91
Ground Cumin
Price: $2.03
Ground Nutmeg
Price: $5.23
Ground Thyme
Price: $6.25
Guajillo Chile
Price: $5.69
Guajillo Chile Flakes
Price: $12.66
Guajillo Chile Powder
Price: $5.47
Habanero Chile Powder
Price: $12.23
Jalapeno Flakes
Price: $9.85
Jalapeno Powder
Price: $5.83
Mayan Coco
Regular Price: $12.02
On Sale For: $7.90
Mexican Mole Seasoning
Price: $3.89
Mexican Oregano
Price: $3.32
Minced Onion
Price: $2.74
Mulato Chiles
Price: $5.72
Nutmeg Whole
Price: $5.23
Organic Cacao Nibs
Price: $2.43
Organic Cacao Powder
Price: $6.41
Organic Garlic Flakes
Price: $9.86
Organic Garlic Powder - 1 lb
Regular Price: $23.15
On Sale For: $10.47
Organic Ground Cloves
Price: $19.27
Organic Minced Garlic - 1 lb
Regular Price: $22.52
On Sale For: $14.32
Pasilla Chile Powder
Price: $5.62
Pasilla Negro Chiles
Price: $5.83
Pequin Chiles
Price: $10.34
Puya Chiles
Price: $5.61
Red Jalapeno Powder
Price: $5.68
Sweet Basil
Price: $5.00
Taco Seasoning
Price: $4.51
Thyme Leaf
Price: $3.07
Tomatillo Powder
Price: $21.61
Whole Cloves
Price: $5.46
Yucatan Recado Rojo Rub
Regular Price: $3.89
On Sale For: $3.15

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