Spices are essential to all types of baking, from hearty breads to exquisite cakes, cookies and pastries. These spices tend to be more sweet than savory. We hand blend our own seasonings like apple pie, Chai baking spice and Mayan Coco and carry some of the harder to find and under the radar spices like organic cacao nibs and granulated molasses. So no matter how you're searching for baking  inspiration you're sure to find it here.
Almond Meal
Price: $6.54
Apple Pie Spice
Price: $3.45
Arrowroot Powder
Price: $2.25
Bagel Seasoning
Price: $2.83
Black Sesame Seeds
Price: $4.75
Cake Spice
Price: $3.75
Cardamom Black Whole
Price: $13.28
Cardamom Pods
Price: $6.42
Cardamom Seed
Price: $6.82
Cardamom Seed Powder
Price: $7.23
Citric Acid
Price: $3.15
Cream of Tartar
Price: $6.32
Crystallized Ginger
Price: $3.33
Demerara Sugar
Price: $2.32
Dried Grapefruit Peel
Price: $4.18
Ginger Powder
Price: $4.50
Granulated Honey
Price: $5.09
Granulated Molasses
Price: $1.57
Ground Cloves
Price: $5.91
Ground Mace
Price: $8.27
Lemon Juice Powder
Price: $6.01
Lemon Peel
Price: $5.65
Lime Zest
Price: $6.02
Mace Blades
Price: $4.49
Mayan Coco
Regular Price: $12.02
On Sale For: $10.82
Nutmeg Whole
Price: $4.95
Orange Zest
Price: $3.48
Toasted Sesame Seed
Price: $4.75
Vanilla Extract - 4 oz
Price: $13.37
Vermont Maple Sugar
Price: $6.06
White Sesame Seeds
Price: $3.83
Whole Cloves
Price: $5.46

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