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Our high quality Spices Inc bulk wholesale spices and seasonings program is ideally suited for gourmet food companies, family owned and small regional chain restaurants, specialty food retailers, delis, micro breweries, independent spice shops, olive oil shops, tea & spice shops, bakeries, caterers and food trucks. Some of our gourmet food customers make artisan quality chocolates, cookies, gourmet nuts, chile infused honey, specialty mustards, popcorn, roasted coffee, salmon burgers, salsa and sauces. You'll find competitively priced bulk gourmet spices and seasonings that exceed the flavor and freshness thresholds of the leading industrial brands.

If you're thinking about adding a new product category to your business there are numerous things for you to consider as you contemplate what's an acceptable risk in making this strategic move.

Need some help in deciding what to look for in a wholesale spice company? Our wholesale customers rave about our uncompromising commitment to delivering over the top service and our attention to the small details. 

Chefs, Gourmet Food Companies, Restaurants and Micro Brewers:

Spices Inc has the highest quality spices and seasonings to keep your restaurant, specialty food business or gourmet food company running smoothly while keeping your costs under control to help you maximize your critical bottom line. We carry all the essential spices and we specialize in harder to find spices and seasonings like dried rose petals, Aleppo pepper, black cumin seeds, sumac,  Dukkah, Shichimi Togarashi, Shawarma, Tempero Baiano and Vadouvan. Check out our comprehensive list of spices and seasonings for more information on these wholesale spices and seasoning blends. We offer restaurant quality spices to a growing number of executive chefs, corporate chefs and gourmet food companies in easy to use 5 lb., 10 lb., 25 lb. and 40 lb. bulk sizes.

We grind many of our spices fresh and hand blend more than 200 spice blends (both our own as well as proprietary blends). This expertise allows us to provide our quality conscious wholesale customers with custom spice blends typically at less cost than they can do them in their own commercial kitchens. This is especially beneficial for those that have demanding quality standards, tight schedules and/ or multiple locations.

Wholesale orders ship for free via FedEx Ground! We fill to order and 99% of all wholesale orders received by 1pm ET ship the same day. We're proud to be a family run business with a fanatical attention to servicing the needs of hard working food service professionals.

Now almost all companies "talk" about providing great customer service but only you can determine if we're able to "walk" the talk. See why our customers have made us one of the fastest growing wholesale spice and seasoning suppliers on the east coast.

Looking for more info or do you have specific questions? Contact Rob or call him at 1-888-762-8642 and tell him what you need.


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