Private Label Spices and Seasonings

Having your own private label spices and seasoning blend line does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Private label is an excellent opportunity for independent grocery stores, specialty gourmet food markets and kitchen stores to expand their product offerings while building their brand and maximizing profits.

Our experience in working with small businesses in creating or expanding their private label programs gives us insightful hands-on knowledge that is the cornerstone of our private label program.

Selection and Quality

Spices Inc has the largest and most diverse selection of seasoning blends and spices for our wholesale customers. Our gourmet seasonings line is more than 170 deep and we carry another 240 spices, herbs and specialty ingredients.

Our proprietary spice blends are all unique to Spices Inc and we use the same ingredients in our blends that we sell as individual spices and herbs. Some suppliers look to boost their profits by using lesser quality ingredients in their blends. To cut costs, these companies use lots of lower cost "fillers" such as salt or sugar. We have never done this. We keep the use of salt and sugar to a minimum and only add them as flavor enhancers, not as part of a calculated cost cutting measure. This is why you will find so many salt-free seasonings (more than 85) in our seasoning blend lineup. In addition, we will never use MSG, colorings, flavorings or anti-caking agents in any of our seasoning blends.

We grind many of our spices here in our facility, especially those with high volatile oil content, to ensure optimum flavor. We feel this is critical and a big deal. If you come across a supplier that does not talk about this, then they probably do not grind themselves.

Label Options
We have multiple label options. The most professional looking will come from a label manufacturer that you work with directly. We can recommend a label manufacturer, or you can choose your own. If you go this route you would need to send us separate labels for each product (we will work with you on getting this information).

If you have us create your label you will find them to have a professional looking appearance and will save you about $75 per product. These labels will include the product name, weight, description, ingredients, lot numbers and your store contact info. This is by far the most popular option with our private label customers. We have received great feedback from our private label customers that this simple but sophisticated look really brightens up their store shelves. To get started all we need is a high resolution logo (jpg works great) to create a sample label. We have found logos that are more horizontal/ rectangular tend to work better than square logos. A mock up sample label is normally turned around in 1 business day.


For packaging, we have multiple options, from 4 ounces to 32 ounces, or we can source custom packaging to meet your specific needs. The most popular is our standard 4.0 fluid ounce glass jar. We prefer glass jars over plastic for several reasons. Glass does a better job retaining freshness and glass doesn't introduce a "plastic-like" flavor to the spices. The feedback from our customers is that glass does a better job representing a higher quality product than plastic does.

We know that some customers prefer plastic. Often it is because they feel that it brings the cost of the product down, it's less expensive to ship and plastic is less likely to break. We think that plastic has its place - it is good around the grill where hard surfaces and dropped jars spell disaster. From a cost standpoint there is a slightly lower price using plastic.  As for breakage during shipping, we have found this to be an exceptionally rare occurrence.

The shrewdest national chains have been investing heavily into store brands for years. Why? Stronger margins from private label over national brands coupled with greater acceptance of store brands from consumers as well.

With our operational efficiencies we are often less expensive than many of the better known national spice producers that sell to smaller chain or individual stores. Many of our retailers "keystone" our seasoning blends and spices, while some price for lower margins. We have never dictated a retail price. We believe that your market should determine what is appropriate. Several of our most astute stores have shared with us that they are able to generate more than $1,500 sales per square foot of selling area (per year) in their combined spice and seasoning sections. Our unique seasoning blends tend to do even better.

Ordering Info

While we don’t have a set-up fee for our private label program, we do have small opening order minimums for each label created. For any product label created (i.e. Honey Chipotle Rub, Bourbon Molasses or Mexican Oregano) we have an opening order of one case of 12. This can be two different products of 6 each. Re-orders of existing private label products can be as low as 6 jar each.

Once a label has been approved orders received by 2pm ET ship out the same day 99% of the time.

If you have your own signature custom blend we can do those for private label as well. The minimums for custom blends is based on the batch (20 lb minimum) and how much each jar holds of the signature seasoning blend. Spice and seasoning net weights for jars vary and depend on the exact ingredients used in the custom blend (i.e. a blend that is heavier on salt as the primary ingredient tends to weigh more per jar than one that is more herb concentrated). The amount of jars per 20 lb batch can range from 64 – 152 jars with the average being around 100.

All orders over $45 ship for free via FedEx Ground. When you see our private label pricing quote that is your landed cost.

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