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Private Label Spices and Seasonings

Are you looking to expand your brand and your business by creating a signature private label seasoning blends or spice line for resale in your shop, store or restaurant? Our experience in working with small business owners in creating or expanding their own private label brands gives us insightful hands-on knowledge that is the cornerstone of our private label program. We understand the marketing opportunities in leveraging your brand and can help you get there.

You can start with just a few private label spices or seasonings and develop a complementary line of products as your demand grows. We’ve found this to be a real opportunity for our independent spice stores, olive oil and vinegar shops, delis and kitchen stores to refine their product offerings or to plug product line gaps while having cost effective access to self-branding opportunities. The gift trade has also benefited from this private label program by augmenting gift basket creations or in branding promotional campaigns.

We understand that lower minimums and immediate product availability are two key issues facing new brands and those looking to expand their private label offerings.

Our standard bottle size is the 4.0 fluid ounce glass bottle which holds 1/2 a cup of spice or seasoning. We also offer a 6.0 fluid ounce size that holds 3/4 cup of spice or seasoning. We prefer using glass bottles instead of plastic for several reasons. We've found glass to better controls freshness. Plastic tends to introduce a "plastic-like" flavor to the spices. Glass also feels more substantial and portrays a better brand image than plastic. We also do some 1 oz bags for larger items that don’t fit in jars (i.e. cinnamon sticks, whole chiles, vanilla beans, etc). You can use our seasonings blends or you can use your own proprietary blends if you have those.

For the label design our private label brand philosophy is to let the spices or seasoning blends be the star. The core label coloring is white with accent colors tied to the private label logo used. We've received great feedback from our private label customers that this simple but sophisticated look really brightens up their store shelves. To get started we need a hi-res logo (jpg works great) to work up a sample label. We’ve found logos that are more horizontal rectangular than square tend to work best.

While we don’t have a set-up fee for our private label program we do have small opening order minimums for each label. For any product label created (i.e. Ground Cumin, Smoked Paprika Sweet, Mexican Oregano) we do have an opening order minimum of 12 each. The total opening order must also be greater than $100. Re-orders of existing private label products can be as low as 1 jar or bag each.

Contact us at 1-888-762-8642, call Greg directly on his cell phone at 570-394-9042 or send us an email at gpatterson@spicesinc.com and tell us what you need.