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Top 10 Salt Free Seasonings

Are you are concerned about cutting back on your sodium intake? Do you have any idea of how much sodium you’re consuming on a daily basis? Do you know how much your body actually needs?

Here are a few numbers to get you thinking:

•  The FDA has a daily recommendation of 2,400 milligrams (mg)
•  Many Americans not watching their sodium intake consume more than 6,000 mg per day
•  Many medical experts recommend individuals with a history of heart trouble, high blood pressure or other risk factors for heart disease should not consume more than 1,500 mg daily
•  The average American consumes five or more teaspoons of salt each day
This is almost 20 times more than the body needs per day. In fact, your body only requires a daily intake of one quarter of a teaspoon of sodium. Salt is naturally found in most foods and what you need to watch out for is the vast amount added during processing and preparation. And be especially aware of those “convenience foods” that are served at fast food restaurants as these tend to be ridiculously high in excess sodium.

So for many the best thing to do is to eat more home-cooked meals as dishes prepared from scratch tend to be significantly lower in sodium. We also know that you should be more creative when you season your food by using herbs, oranges, lemons, spices, Tabasco sauce and even wine.

So here are our Top 10 Salt Free Seasonings:

1.   Salt Free Steak Seasoning – This smoky flavored mixture packs a little bit of heat without being hot and is a flavorful addition for any steak lover’s favorite cut of meat – from the popular Porterhouse to a T-Bone or a Kansas City Strip.
2.   Salt Free Mexican Seasoning – Our Manzanillo Mexican Seasoning is an ideal time-saving addition to any kitchen – simply sprinkle on your meat when cooking and you’ll have a delicious meal well on the way. This seasoning is ideal when you sprinkle it on your tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and tostados. When we are in search of some extra spicy flavor we like to use a dash on our scrambled eggs, omelets, chili, fajitas, hamburgers, soups and stews as well.
3.   Salt Free Herb Seasoning – Garlic Herb Seasoning is used by many of our customers who are on a low sodium diet as they love the versatility of this seasoning and they tell us that they keep a shaker of it on the dining room table where the salt shaker used to sit!
4.   Salt Free Taco Seasoning – The perfect delicious blend of lively spices you can use to give just about any dish a nice bit of Mexican flair. This is an excellent time saving addition to any kitchen where time is of the essence – just add it to your meat and you have a ton of flavor. We’ve carefully mixed this taco seasoning with the whole family in mind so while it has an excellent flavor it is not really hot as it has a just little bit of a kick.
5.   Salt Free Cajun Seasoning
– On a low sodium diet but still craving some Big Easy spice and heat? Well we’ve got the perfect Cajun Seasoning just for you and you can use it on the grill, on your broiled shrimp or maybe you have some fresh crawfish and want to show somebody that isn’t from the great state of Louisiana how to “pinch the tail and suck the head”!
6.   Salt Free Chili Powder – Our Hill Country Chili Powder blend was inspired by the beautiful hilly area around Austin, Texas. And true to its Tex-Mex roots this chili powder has a flavor that is deep, complicated and loaded with spicy peppery heat without being overly hot!
7.   Pizza Seasoning
– This salt free seasoning contains the perfect blend of seasonings to spice up every pizza just like your favorite Italian pizza parlor – but with the salt – from the thin crust plain cheese to the deep dish give me everything you got pie.
8.   Thai Spice – Our Salt Free Thai Spice blend is sure to get your taste buds to stand at attention! After thoroughly testing many of our customers feel that we have achieved the perfectly balanced spicy Thai mix ideal for cold pasta, rice, soup, Thai noodle salads, sushi, steamed vegetables and especially stir fries.
9.   Lemon Pepper
– This is our best selling pepper blend and is also ideal for those on a low sodium diet. The citrus combination of these culinary favorites compliments many fresh and cooked dishes whether at the stove, on the grill or on the table.
10.Chinese Five Spice
– This is a salt free seasoning that has a deep history – there are many who believe that this mixture was originally created as the perfect spice blend as it incorporates the five base flavors of Chinese cooking — sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory. Legend also has it that this is the Chinese way of adding the ying to the yang in cooking and as such the heat of a dish should be counterbalanced by a corresponding cooling ingredient – Chinese Five Spice.

So there you have it – when you are looking to wean yourself off of excessive amounts of salt in your diet there are quite a few choices when flavor doesn’t have to be sacrificed and it is actually greatly enhanced.

And for more helpful tips on following a low sodium diet check out these resources:

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