How to Cook with Himalayan Salt Bricks and Plates

Setting Up

Before you cook for the first time on your Himalayan Pick Salt Brick you must “temper” it. Put the brick or plate into the oven and set the oven to 250 degrees. DO NOT set the oven and let the temperature get warm first, it is very important that you slowly heat the salt product. Once the oven reaches the 250 degree temperature, remove your salt plate or brick for ½ hour and repeat the process, letting the oven cool down in the meantime. Now that it has been properly tempered you can heat your Himalayan salt plate or brick up to 500 degrees which is the recommended cooking temperature.

Each time you want to cook it will take 45 minutes in the oven to reach ideal cooking temperature. Heating the block or plate will change the appearance as micro-fissures will cloud the finish. It will also crackle a bit. This is nothing to worry about and when they cool down they will return to its original crystalline look.

The bricks and plates need to remain completely dry for 24 hours between cooking times.

Cooking with Gas

If using a gas stove, place the Himalayan Brick or Plate on the burner set to low. Heat for about 15 minutes then set the heat to medium for another 15 minutes. If you are going to sear the food, heat for an additional 15 minutes. You will see some moisture accumulating at the edges in the beginning, but as the heating continues this will evaporate.

Cooking with Electric

If using an electric stove you will need to place a wok ring or pastry tin with a removable bottom so the block or plate is ½ inch above the heating element. Heat the same way as for the gas stove adding 5 minutes to each step.

Following these steps will allow you to get full enjoyment out of these amazing all natural cooking utensils. You’ll also be able to dazzle your close friends and family with your knowledge and in the entire cooking experience when using your Himalayan Salt Plates and Bricks.

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