How to Clean Your Salt Bricks and Plates

When you are finished cooking with your Himalayan Pick Salt Brick, Himalayan Pink Round Salt Plate Smooth or Himalayan Pink Round Salt Plate Rough you need to let it cool. This takes quite a while, up to 24 hours. Once it has fully cooled and is at room temperature rinse it under warm water and pat it dry.

You then want to use a clean rag, a scrubby or a soft brush (we have found that using paper towels are ineffective as they tear on the salt surface) and scrub any spots where food has left debris and also the glazing that comes from fat on the surface. Rinse the stone again with warm water. Dry the stone with a clean towel and when sufficiently dry set it on a dry rack so it can completely air dry. Some customers prefer at this stage to finish the drying process in a warm oven. Once completely dry, seal the salt block or plate in plastic wrap until you are ready to use again.

The powerful antimicrobial properties of the salt means that you will never want to use detergents or soaps to clean the blocks or plates. You should never soak in water because the salt will dissolve in time. Because Himalayan Salt is antimicrobial it inhibits bacteria growth. Store the block or plate in a spot that is not humid. With this proper care your salt stone with provide you with many years of use.

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