Top 25 Spices Every Kitchen Must Have

So a while back one of our staff members asked a question --- if you were starting a kitchen from scratch and were only allowed to select 25 spices – what are the ones that you would choose? Well that simple question soon took on a life of it's own. Now while this is really a very subjective question there is of course no right or wrong answer.

But some how giving a quick answer just wasn't good enough for us. Suddenly our staff starting debating the merits of this question and soon they started pouring through tons of recipes, diving head first into all of our sales data, going through their favorite spice resources and we began having several lively debates around our conference room table --- well ok it was really the table in our test kitchen. So we decided that we were going to come up with this master list and everybody was going to have a say in it.

Now of course each of our staff members had some strong opinions and just like in the mixing of a great regional seasoning blend there were as many opinions as there were cooks! So while our initial list started out at well over 40 we were able to finally whittle it down to the top 25

A little disclaimer here, our staff loves to cook and to a person they are all partial to using whole spices almost exclusively and grinding fresh, even when concocting their own house seasoning blends, but this final list contains a mix of whole and ground spices as well. Also this isn't an exclusive list of spices as we have included a handful of dried herbs, and seasonings as well.

So after several months of negotiations, arm twisting and campaigning we have settled on this list – we feel that it best covers the breadth and range that any well stocked kitchen deserves. But we had so much fun in coming up with this list we would love to hear what you have to say --- so send us an email and tell us if you think that we are crazy or what are the spices, seasonings or herbs that your kitchen can't do without! But remember you only get to choose 25.

If you looking to buy these to stock up your own kitchen or to set up someone's new kitchen we have a top 25 spice set that will do that for you and you can save a little bit of hard earned cash by buying them all at once.

Ground Cumin Basil
Saigon Cinnamon Bay Leaves
Smoked Paprika Thyme
Garlic Powder Mediterranean Oregano
Onion Powder Rosemary
Nutmeg Powder Red Pepper Flakes
Coriander Powder Cayenne Pepper
Ground Cloves Chinese Five Spice
Turmeric Maharajah Style Curry Powder
Yellow Mustard Pennsylvania Pepper
Cardamon Powder Cajun Seasoning
Allspice Powder Hill Country Chili Powder
Ginger Root Powder  

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It's probably so common that it's just a given but Salt and Pepper were left out of the Top 25 Spices?
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