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While many think that California is the garlic capital of the world most of the garlic that we consume actually comes from China. To some this may not be a big deal but we've heard from more than a few customers who are in search of California grown garlic. We couldn't agree more! There have been several studies done, both blind taste tests and scientific  tests,  that have continuously shown that California garlic tastes better and is denser than imported garlic.

As any good home chef knows there really is nothing like fresh garlic but that doesn't mean that using dehydrated garlic shouldn't play a vital role in your kitchen. In fact over the last twenty years garlic consumption is up over 1,000% to more than 3.5 lbs. being consumed by each person in the U.S. each year. And of all that consumed garlic more than 75% of it is in the dehydrated form.

California or Chinese Garlic
While Chinese garlic is certainly less expensive we've made the decision to only offer California grown Garlic Powder. If you want to see a bit more on our big California Garlic decision you'll see that we have been able to replace all of our garlic products with California Garlic. So not only do you get better flavor but you're supporting California farmers as well.

When and Where to Use it

Our Garlic Powder is an excellent alternative for recipes that call for minced garlic and it lasts for a long time (some folks will say up to 2-3 years although we still prefer to replace it every 6 – 12 months) and just a little bit will go a long way. Made from pure dehydrated garlic our garlic powder has no preservatives or anti-caking agents.

We also like to use it as a substitute to adding salt to our meals and some of our customers have shared with us that they even keep a small shaker of it on their kitchen table. Because garlic powder tends to cling to damp surfaces it is also excellent for use in homemade marinades, seasoning blends and rubs.

For Fans of Garlic

We carry a wide selection of garlic to suit just about any situation - Roasted Garlic Flakes when you are looking for garlic flavor and texture, Granulated Garlic dispenses easier than flakes and provides more bulk than powdered garlic.
One of our newest additions is a Roasted Granulated Garlic that is sure to tweak your taste buds!

We also carry several excellent seasoning blends in Garlic Salt and Garlic Herb Seasoning.

Helpful Hints

Because garlic is so versatile it goes well with anything savory and works well in combination with just about all spices and herbs.

For handy garlic conversions use: 1 fresh garlic clove = 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder or 1/4 teaspoon of granulated garlic or 1/2 teaspoon of garlic flakes.

Some of our favorite recipes utilizing garlic powder are Creole Seasoned Baked Steak, Three Bean Slow Cooker Chili, Cajun Chicken Maque Choux
and Oven Baked Chili Fries.

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1. on 6/16/2016, said:
Just the aroma tells you this is the real deal!! Incredible taste! Will never go back to the store bought stuff. Aside great information of each product, recipes and wonderful service. Thank you, Spice, Inc.!!
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Delicious, and very fresh tasting. I also appreciate the customer service!
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3. on 2/21/2016, said:
I used to make my own garlic powder but when I saw yours I decided to buy it. No point going though the effort I was when I can buy it and still have no additives. Thank you, glassy11
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4. on 10/23/2015, said:
A really great taste when salt is nor necessary or desired. I'm rating my whole order at once - love your products!
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5. on 3/8/2015, said:
This is by far the best garlic powder I've ever used. The quality is beyond fantastic. It has a incredible aroma and the flavor is perfect for all my dishes that require garlic. A winner in my book.
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