Korean Chili Flakes
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Korean food has become much more “mainstream” in the US in the last couple of years. This seems almost natural since we’ve had a love affair with spicy Mexican inspired food for the last 40+ years. Korean food tends to be bold and the flavor borders on intense. This is why we were thrilled to discover these Korean Chili Flakes.

Korean Chili Flakes are used to provide the flavorful heat in Kimchi and several salad-scallion recipes. Probably the most important ingredient in making Kimchi is the Korean Chili Flakes. Many cooks in the west when trying to make this wonderful dish the first time end up substituting another chili powder or flake – but for authentic taste these are what you’re looking for.

These are near impossible to find in the supermarket and unless you live in a big city with access to a top notch Asian Grocer you are probably thinking you are out of luck. Our Korean Chili Flakes have a wonderful sweet taste and come in around a 1,000 - 2,500 on the Scoville heat unit scale.

Korean Chili Flakes are also call “gochugaru” and while they look similar to the crushed red pepper flakes we use on our pizza they are not the same and should not be interchanged.  Korean Chili Flakes don't have seeds so they don’t pack the same heat intensity as red pepper flakes do.

If you’re a big fan of chile flakes then be sure to see our wide and deep selection that includes New Mexico Green Chile Flakes, Ancho Chile Flakes, Chipotle “Morita” Chile Flakes, Habanero Chile Flakes, Jalapeno Flakes , Crushed Maras Pepper and the old standby Crushed Red Chile Flakes.

One of our favorite recipes using Koren Chili Flakes is Bibimbap.
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1. on 4/9/2015, said:
Fresh and flavorful
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2. on 8/8/2013, said:
Hardly any heat at all. I've had kimchi made by my Korean co-workers and it is SPICEY but the kimchi I made with this powder is a pale imitation. I was too embarrassed to share it with my co-workers. What a disappointment!
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3. on 3/24/2013, said:
Excellent -- used to make Kimchi
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