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Use horseradish powder when you are looking for some sharp biting zing in a sauce.  Horseradish powder is a hot, spicy powder that is typically blended into egg or cream based sauces, most commonly sour cream or mayonnaise and the end result is a potent and hot dipping sauces.

With qualities similar to mustard, horseradish also has pungent volatile oils. When cooking horseradish, the spiciness is reduced as these oils evaporate. This is why you are more likely to find horseradish in uncooked sauces. If however, you are looking for a hint of horseradish without the bite you can add a dash of the powder in cooked sauces.

Horseradish comes from a root vegetable known as the horseradish root and is a member of the mustard family. The root contains the pungent oil that gives horseradish powder its hot, spicy flavor. The dried root is ground into a powder form and is used to flavor classic horseradish sauces as well as finding its way into a variety of food toppings.

Where horseradish really shines is when it is partnered with beef, especially roast beef or prime rib, which are often served with a side of horseradish sauce. Having horseradish power on hand, allows you to create your own sauce tailored to your taste preferences and these are certainly fresher tasting as well. Simply add horseradish powder to sour cream or crème fraiche for a savory and spicy sauce.

For a biting and thick horseradish sauce, use 1 part powder with 3 parts water. For a thinner sauce add some lemon juice, vinegar or plain yogurt. For dipping sauce for shrimp, use 1 cup of ketchup and 2 tablespoons horseradish powder. For an even hotter mustard sauce that is ideal for sushi, combine horseradish powder with
Chinese mustard and vinegar. 

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1. on 9/6/2015, said:
This wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it would taste like prepared horseradish, and that I would be able to mix it in with dishes to get a horseradish flavor. It's very bitter. I haven't tried using it in anything yet. I rate ok because I bought it according to what I thought it would be, and this may be exactly what it is supposed to taste like!
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