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Rosemary’s taste is a bit cooling, woody, minty, and somewhat balsamic, with a strong aroma it is also warm and a little peppery. It's frequently used as a seasoning in Mediterranean cooking—most notably in France and Italy, where rosemary is broiled with poultry and mutton is seasoned heavily with it.

Rosemary is a very difficult herb to buy online as it can be hard to determine what type of "cut" a spice company is selling. The three most common are whole, cracked and ground. It's certainly easy enough to understand the ground rosemary. Where it gets a bit trickier is whole needles vs cracked. Whole needles are often difficult to work with, get caught in your teeth. Whole rosemary is an approximately 1" long needle like leaf that is best used in longer cooking processes such as goulashes or stews. For shorter cook times or using in blends we prefer to use a cracked rosemary needle. We sell the cracked rosemary.

Rosemary herb is found in recipes for marinades, baked fish, chicken, cream cheese, eggs, fish, mushrooms, onions, oranges, potatoes, tomatoes and winter squash. You'll also find it as a staple ingredient in the seasoning blends bouquet garni and herbes de Provence. Rosemary is also the perfect compliment in soups, stews and sauces, with apples and other fruits. Its balsamic undertone is relished in breads, herb vinegars and salad dressings.

Helpful hint: Unlike many seasonings, rosemary doesn't lose any of its potent flavor or aroma during cooking.

Works well in combination with bay leaves, chives, garlic, oregano, parsley, sage and thyme.

Some of our favorite recipes using rosemary are is our Hill Country Spiced Pecans, Provencal Chicken, Green Peppercorn Steak and Crispy Cajun Chicken.

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